Ed Arnold Scrap Processors
2216 Angling Rd Corfu, NY 14036

Products & Services

Edward Arnold Scrap Processors offers services which include dump trailers, flatbeds, van trailers, roll-off from 15 yards to 50 yards, and roller bins with valves.  The company provides lift gate service with roller bins or drums.  The roller bins come with valves that allow customers to recover fluids that are essential to their business.  Edward Arnold Scrap Processors produces aluminum ingots for businesses in the die-casting industry.  Edward Arnold Scrap provides services to help companies maximize their recycling down streams to maximize their profits. 

Edward Arnold Scrap Processors Inc. accepts all ferrous materials such as commercial scrap metal, household appliances, vehicles, corporate office recycling programs, computer & electronics, commercial paper, commercial plastics, plumbing & electrical contractor scrap, cardboard containers, stretch film & strapping, precious metals, and  electrical wire. 

We accept these materials at no charge to the customer- newspapers, books & magazines, cardboard, office paper, phone books, and plastic containers. 

Edward Arnold Scrap Processors Inc.  always looks for new ways to recycle and keep the environment clean. A new type of product the company has begun to recycle is electronic waste.  Electronic waste has become a major concern to the environment.  We at Ed Arnold Scrap accept electronic equipment, all circuit boards, televisions & monitors, and all types of IT Equipment.  Call for more details on ways to recycle electronic scrap.

Our Mission

Edward Arnold Scrap Processors Inc. takes pride in servicing its customers. The company puts their customers first by giving them the best prices and offering them services that other scrap yards cannot match.

We Buy, Sell and Process all metals.

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